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3 basic principles


Qiata is a server-based web solution to easily transfer any large files encrypted. No client software or client certificate is required.


Send your files from your familiar E-Mail client via webUI or directly from any windows application. Qiata can also be connected directly to your existing system. (API-interface port)


The focus of Qiata is secure file transfer. The transfer is encrypted, traceable and performed on the basis of the “four eye principle”, the transfer is also manageable.

File-Transfer under the new EU General Data Protection Regulation

How does Qiata help me to comply with the GDPR?

Data Loss Prevention

Protect sensitive and critical files from unauthorized access. PIN and passwords give the user additional security.

Logged file transfer

With Qiata, all processes are logged and viewed in a central audit log.

Limited by policies

With the comprehensive policy configuration you have control over all files.

Privacy by Default

Qiata provides all the important tools to ensure a secure file-sharing experience right from the start.

File-Transfer according to GDPR

Do not rely on e-mail for business-critical data. With Qiata, files are encrypted and can not be viewed at any time.

Right to be forgotten

Choose the storage time of files and transfers via the central archiver.

Qiata Advantages


Security is one of our top priorities — Imagine data – e.g. such as all personal data – which may not be transferred unencrypted via public networks. Therefore the file transfer of Qiata FTAs (File transfer Appliances) from SECUDOS is encrypted and it is also exceptionally even faster than an E-Mail with attachment could be transferred.


E-mail notifications provide necessary confidence, efficiency and compliance-conformity — In case you have sent an important document via E-Mail, you are worried about the uncertainty whether the document has reached the recipient in time. Transferring files with Qiata means the sender will receive automatically an E-Mail notification as soon as the recipient has downloaded the file completely. The complete transfer process is additionally recorded in a log-file. As a result it remains fully transparent in the future.


Qiata adapts your network. Rack, virtual or as cloud-appliance, it does not matter. — The Qiata file transfer solution is available on three different platforms. You have the choice of completely installed and pre-configured appliance in different sizes, as well as virtual solution or as a cloud-appliance with the best features of both: cloud and appliance.


File transfer without limits —The Qiata price-performance ratio is convincing because of very fait costs and follow-up costs. The costs are simple and transparent as there are only few items to be ordered with each appliance. The costs are independent of number of participants or such as the transfers, just without any limits! Differences in performance are only caused by different hardware. The concurrent sessions (connections simultaneously) limited for the virtual solution.

3 ways to use Qiata


As a user, you can send big files, share files and invite others to send you files, securely using password-protected links. Qiata is a user-friendly solution and can be used from any web browser.

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Outlook Plug-In
Outlook Plug-In

Qiata now offers a new Outlook Plug-In, which enables the user to send any files by its E-Mail programm or even complete folder structures, of course all encrypted. Qiata customers can download the Plug-in for free.

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SECUDOS Desktop Client
SECUDOS Desktop Client

Our SECUDOS Desktop Client offers all users of Qiata the opportunity to send any files or even complete folder structures directly from Windows interface.

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Additional Options

Extend the Qiata basic features with one of the options. All Qiata options can be ordered additionally to the basic software. You enlarge the existing portfolio herewith.

The TEAMTransfer option is ideal for organizations that are working increasingly distributed all over the world as a team. Each participant can upload his files in a secure "pool" on the FTA and make it available to others. The FTA's security and traceability features are of course available and are completed by several settings and options. Nevertheless, the TEAMTransfer is kept as simple and intuitive as possible. Extensive training is not required.

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The Newsletter Option enables the possibility to transfer newsletters via FTA. For this purpose, address lists can be imported via CSV (eg from Excel). Various newsletter templates can be created. A "unsubscribe" feature for the receiver is integrated. For the sender the filter functions are interesting, because he knows which receiver has downloaded the newsletter and which not. The lists of recipients in turn can be exported filtered or unfiltered for further processing. The newsletter function is also suitable for internal circulars.

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The Qiata Option 'File Encryption' provides additional protection by encrypting files on the hard disk. A 256-bit AES algorithm with encryption key comes into use, which encrypts the files you need to save to your hard disk so that the files are protected at all times from unauthorized access. In the case of support, such as a RMA case (Return Material Authorization) no one has access to your files.

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Smart Delivery is ideal for organizations with distributed locations. The delivery of files ensued from a File Transfer Appliance to another. The advantage of this is that both sender and receiver communicate locally and with the speed of the internal network to the local FTA. Thus, for example, overnight transfers are possible. After a failure of the communication, the connection is automatically resumed. The communication between two FTAs is encrypted with AES-256 and very quickly by using the protocol UDP with UDT handling, even faster than some conventional VPN connection.

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With the option 'Report via E-Mail', you can send a report with a few clicks from your Qiata to your E-Mail address. You decide for yourself what information should be included in this report. You can create reports based on users or groups. Furthermore, you have the option to select the type. You want to know who started transfers, who has downloaded all files, or who has uploaded which file? No problem! The wide variety of adjustable parameters make it easy to create the report just as you need it. Moreover, you can configure a daily, weekly or monthly interval. The generated reports will be clearly displayed in a .csv file and send to your e-mail address. You can open the .csv file as usual in Excel. With this file you have a complete overview of the current status of your FTA (File Transfer Appliance)

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Further information and prices

Our Qiata TEAMResellers have reached their status by technical as well as sales training. With this sales organization they have created good conditions for an optimum sales/marketing and consulting for the Qiata FTA.

Qiata has partners in Asia, Germany and Switzerland, who will be pleased to assist you with all concerns of Qiata, no matter whether there are questions regarding further product or offer.

Why not simply talk to our TEAMReseller!

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